My top 10 Instagram pet peeves | 10 Insta sins | Rant.

My top 10 Instagram pet peeves

I love me some Instagram, It’s definitely my social platform of choice. It’s visual, concise, pretty to look at, has high engagement, and the community, for the most part, is pretty great…However, I do have some huge pet peeves that I’m pretty sure can be agreed upon by most people…unless you’re either not noticing what’s going on or are guilty of some of these Instagram sins yourself. If you are, may the power of the insta gods compel you and it’s never too late to change! 🙂 Most of these pet peeves are random but are all related to Instagram. In no real order, here are my Top 10 Instagram pet peeves and my personal list of Instagram sins. If you have your own share them with me so I can add them to the list.

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1. Buying fake followers.

This annoys me less than some of the others to come as it doesn’t personally effect me…However, it’s still quite annoying because the only possible benefit is to rip off brands and to make yourself look more influential than you are. There’s no real benefit to you, me or the brands you’re working with. This may be more annoying to me compared to the average person due to the fact that I work as a social media manager and therefore work with brands. I can spot it pretty easily but the average person might not even think to take notice.

2. Body inspo accounts that aren’t fitspo/fitness accounts.

Now, this, not everyone is going to agree with me on and this doesn’t apply to anyone who is just sharing their body as that’s just the body they have and they’re showing it off as they should. That isn’t the issue. This also isn’t referring to body positivity accounts. I’m referring to accounts that are promoting a certain body type whether it be their own in an “inspiration/body inspo type way” or accounts that are posting other people’s bodies but are often promoting something that’s unachievable for most people because it’s a very specific body type. I don’t mean “skinny” body types or “curvy” body types. I mean very specific body types like a super tiny 22-inch waist, flat stomach, thigh gap with a fat booty. Who has that? Not even the girls in the photos have that. Most people are either slim, with a tiny waist or they have the fat ass and curves. This isn’t a definite rule and If you do have it that’s great and good for you girl! It’s just tough when you’re considering yourself to be an “inspiration page” and you’re inspiring something that isn’t achieved just through exercise and eating healthy. Fitness pages are great because anyone can get fit with the right mindset so you’re inspiring something positive instead of inspiring unhealthy behavior and insecurity. This leads into the next one…

Who has that?

Not even the girls in the photos have that. Most people are either slim, with a tiny waist or they have the big booty and rap video curves. This isn’t a definite rule and If you do have it that’s great and good for you girl! It’s just tough when you’re considering yourself to be an “inspiration page” and you’re inspiring something that isn’t achieved just through exercise and eating healthy. Fitness pages are great! Anyone can get fit with the right mindset so you’re inspiring something positive instead of inspiring unhealthy behavior and insecurity. This leads into the next one…

3. Photoshopping yourself to fit the “trendy” body type.

Photoshopped waists and booties are pointless to promote as an “inspiration” account if it isn’t something everyone can personally achieve. If you’re doing this then you know as YOU aren’t even achieving it!

Often the images you see of girls who have these super thin waistes with a huge bottom are photoshopped or “face-tuned” these pages do nothing but make girls feel bad that they aren’t walking retouched models and they make guys wonder why their girl looks nothing like that. There’s a reason you never see girls like this walking the streets in real life.  I’m sure it’s great just to look at but I can see how it can be damaging.

4. Selling shout outs and only keeping the post up for 1-4 hours.

What a rip off! This one is for the influencers on Instagram. As I mentioned I work as a social media manager and I have a client who often pays for shoutouts from “influencers” in their brand’s niche. One page that will not be mentioned recently did a paid shout out for him and deleted the post after just 4 hours without telling him that the post would be deleted. He should have made this known. Selling promo posts is one thing but when you’re refusing to communicate and offer real value you aren’t doing yourself any favors. All this influencer did was ensure the brand would never come back for service again.

The reason why this annoys me is because, for one, you’re doing very little work to earn the money in the first place. It’s actually less work just to leave it up. The brand I work for got nothing from it and said: “No” when the “influencer” reached out again. The client said they wouldn’t be interested in working with them again…so it ended up being their loss financially in the long run as other influencers were able to work with the brand long-term.

5. “Get follower” comments and accounts.

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s referring to the comments trying to sell you, followers. How sweet of you! We don’t need your fake inactive accounts following us, or accounts that follow from a batch follow dashboard.  Thanks though, I appreciate your bot comment. So sweet!! I find this one especially funny when the accounts commenting have no followers.

6. Request follow accounts.

If you are a request follow account that’s not looking to build followers and just wants a small personal account then that’s fine as that is what the “request follow” feature is meant for. However, if you have a request follow account and expect me to follow back and are actively trying to build a following…why? People should be following for your content but we don’t see your content or don’t know what you post about.  If you want me to follow you back you should have a public account. When a “request follow” account follows me I assume you’re okay with me not following back. What if I follow out of curiosity but then don’t particularly like the content?

7. Follow for follow and like for like accounts.

Follow for follow and like for like hashtags are fine when you use them to actually follow through. I see so many people with “follow for follow” hashtag in their bio yet have 1,000 followers and only follow 300 accounts. You’re essentially bribing people but then not holding up your side of the bargain and gaining a big following while doing it. I personally don’t use the #followforfollow or #likeforlike hashtags as I don’t particularly want followers who are only following me for me to follow them back yet aren’t interested in my content. If you want me to follow you back and are interested in the content that’s totally fine, however, getting a bunch of followers who aren’t interested in what I’m putting out isn’t super helpful to me.

8. Following only to unfollow once someone follows you back.

The holy grail of pet peeves. Also known as the reason for this post…My goodness, this is annoying and rude. Following to unfollow those who don’t follow you back is fine in my opinion. If someone doesn’t want to support you back after you’ve supported and shown their content some support then that’s a non-issue to me. HOWEVER!!! Following, waiting for people to follow back then unfollowing them is kind of rude. It’s kind of like you’re taking advantage of nice people who decided to support you back in return for you supporting them. Some huge accounts do this. I’m not going to name any accounts but I know for a fact that a ton of huge follower accounts use this method to grow their following quickly and still have a nice looking follower to following ratio.

I’ve caught a few 100k+ follower accounts doing this and many 10k+ follower accounts who have followed my account and the minute I followed them back they unfollowed. This just seems shady to me as when you get to having a following of that size you are making money from your Instagram followers. When you are making money from growing your following in this way that just seems super shady to me. You are using and taking advantage of nice people and making a profit. You are seeing your followers as just numbers and not using social media in the way that it should be used, which is to build community and relationships. Sponsored post when the following was built in an ethical genuine way doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just business. But when you’re doing business using shady methods such as buying followers, using bot dashboards or following to unfollow that’s when it starts to annoy me.

Now, some people may be able to stand up for this and introduce a different perspective. If you can stand up for this or bring a new perspective forward do so by letting me know what you think in the comments.

9. Using Instagram only to build your page and forgetting about community and relationships.

This next one stems from the last. Looking at followers as nothing more than numbers instead of community members, a network, real people, or people that you’re serving and providing inspiration, knowledge, entertainment etc. for.

10. Caring too much about your follow to following ratio.

The top annoyance really boils down to caring too much about your follower to following ratio. It doesn’t make you look famous or influential. All I care about when looking at influencers is engagement. If you are using these shady approaches and are caught it just makes you look like you don’t care about your followers.  If brands use the above-mentioned tactics it’s a whole other story that I’ll leave for another post.

bonus: Accepting a follow request but not following back.

For whatever reason, this annoys me too. Sometimes here and there I will follow a requested account out of curiosity. When I followed I had no idea what their content would be like but I followed anyway. The fact that I followed your account not knowing what was on the other side, you allowed me to follow you and support you, meaning you took the time to accept and view my account but decided not to have a mutual relationship. It isn’t like their accounts are so busy that people just get missed like it would be on a public account because they are actually taking the time to approve. They obviously approve everyone as they approved me, someone, they don’t know or follow. It’s just annoying lol. I unfollow you anyway as you simply insulted me as I know you took the time to accept and view my account. 😂 For public accounts, followers can just be unviewed. If you want a public large follower base then just keep it public so I that I at least know what I’m following.

If you have your own Instagram annoyances/pet peeves leave them in the comments or stand up for any on my list that you disagree with. Share this post if you agree with any or all pet peeves listed.

-Kat Laura Ann






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  1. I’m with you 100% on these pet peeves! I also find the comments left on a post that say “You should check out my page I think you’ll like it” (or something to that effect) really annoying when they didn’t like your post, aren’t following you and their page literally has nothing to do with your post or content at all!! Like gee thanks I’ll definitely put in more effort than you cared to do for me 👍
    Love the blog 😊 Great content, keep up the good work lady. ❤️

    1. Yes, I agree! I think a lot of those are bot comments as well. It’s tough because a lot of likes and comments that come in are just from dashboards and the person liking and commenting might have not even seen the post they’re liking. People that use those Softwares do not understand the concept of social media lol. Are you Jessie Rose the one I was talking to on my balanced.vegan.foodie IG?

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